Without a doubt, Carl Hale is among an elite group of “Lean” leaders with extensive knowledge and practical experience across a broad spectrum of different types of manufacturing and supply chain companies from eyewear to aircraft. Carl has extensive knowledge of Lean principles, including Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, and academic credentials (BS and MBA degrees in Business Administration and Finance) that underscore the breadth, depth, and scope of this knowledge. His practical experience includes application of proven methods (e.g., value stream mapping, Kaizen events, A3 thinking, Standard Work, Problem Solving, Policy Deployment, 5S, and Gemba Walks) for streamlining work processes to achieve maximum efficiency, higher quality, and reduced waste, is second to none. Carl’s long (over 20 years) and distinguished track record as a Lean expert in increasing productivity, cost savings, and sales for over 10 major companies U.S. companies, when coupled with his superb interpersonal skills, have earned him a reputation of on-time delivery of value-added services to his clients. During our friendship and in my role as Vice-Chair, Clinical Pathology, Carl has taught me a lot about the application and benefits of Lean tools in any work environment, including clinical laboratories.

Dr. Frank H. Wians, Jr. Clinical Laboratory Director Trinity Laboratory Services, LLC

I have known Carl for over 25 years. I find his skill set a unique combination of wonderful people management skills combined with a dense set of tools from the quality, project management world. He is great at stepping into a new situation and determining where improvement can be made. Leading that process all while keeping him team motivated and involved. He has worked in many Cross Functional environments. Team and project success have always been his motivator. He is a great teacher, leader, and mentor. I would highly recommend Carl; his years of success will be an asset for any organization.

Mark Tauscher -Previous President of Marquette Medical and General Manager at HP Medical Supplies

I’m honored to present Carl Hale as a professional that I would recommend as a profound asset to any business group or owner. Carl exemplifies professionalism that influences enthusiasm and collaboration with the teams and organizations he is aligned with. Carl is a practitioner of Lean Methodology and 6-sigma Principles. I’ve been privileged to have worked with Carl in multiple Fortune 100 Companies and his expanse of practical and advanced knowledge of Lean mechanics continues to quantify high quality control standards and increased profitability. I worked within an industry leading U.S./Global Logistics company and his Leadership created opportunities for the executive group and core teams to learn Lean Principles. Those principles help to guide logistics and processing team to become confident with the implementation and day to day application of Lean tools and best practices. Carl naturally integrates key foundations as he builds acumen in Lean/6-Sigma…Safety, Quality Assurance, and Competent Training are veins that mature as Carl advises and develops Leadership teams within any scaled corporate system. Having Carl Hale as a world-class consultant for any owner and/or corporate organization would definitively would predicate success stories. Carl’s servant leadership approach is simply based on the empowerment of individuals and team to gain new skills with Lean Mechanics to reduce process waste and defects and position a company to grow in scale with systemic success. I appreciate the opportunity to share some personal insight on Carl and his ability to increase value added components to any organization seeking to positively evolve use of Lean/6-Sigma Methodologies.

Jonathan B. Lewis

Manufacturing Systems Manager

Clark Pacific Operations